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NPI Italia S.r.l.
A Neoperl Company


Care and sensitivity towards the initiatives of the territory where NPI ITALY operates, together with the attention that the company has always paid to the sick persons and to the weakest,  have led NPI ITALY to be involved in projects to support the spreading of primary education in India and the construction of wells for the access to drinking water in the Central African Republic over the years. Besides to that  NPI ITALIA is involved to promote and support  initiatives towards the cancer patients or to the development of neonatal centers of excellence on its own territory.

In 2020, during the Pandemic from Covid 19, our support to San Gerardo Hospital in Monza and Ospedale Maggiore in Crema could not be missing. Many of our staff have joined the NPI Italy Management in supporting the Intensive Care Units of these two hospitals with concrete help.

Here below the links of the non-profit associations supported by NPI ITALIA over the past five years This activity takes place in line with the activities carried out by  the parent company at the German and Swiss headquartes www.neoperl.net/en/aboutusoverall/social-responsibility.html

NPI Italia S.r.l. | A Neoperl Company
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