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NPI Italia S.r.l.
A Neoperl Company

Work with us

NPI Italia assigns great importance to the human resources management that devotes attention to the value of its partners and employees, considering them the more relevant resource to the ongoing development of the company. They are expression of the history, of the Group, of the Parigi’s brand and the company is vigorously working to enable them to operate in a safe and stimulating environment for their professional and human growth.
NPI Italia will therefore support their involvement in the company's goals, promoting specific meetings, encouraging teamwork, mutual co-operation and positive and faithful relationships among people. Each year a large training offer allows employees to enjoy opportunities for regulatory updates as well as to improve their skills, to share competences with colleagues allowing to consolidate a sense of belonging to the Group and encouraging the spirit of initiative.
Then, if the need arises, NPI Italia, may place within its structure motivated people who have skills and knowledge, sensitivity and solid values, requirements that were the foundation to its success over the years.

NPI Italia S.r.l. | A Neoperl Company
Via Velleia, 19 - 20900 Monza (MB) Italy
Tel +39 039.204981
Part. Iva IT10804760154

Neoperl Italia Srl
Via Borgomanero, 84
28012 Cressa (NO) Italy
Tel +39 0322 863301
Part. Iva IT01604580033