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NPI Italia S.r.l.
A Neoperl Company

About us

Parigi Group’s history (today NPI Italia) is the fruit of a long tradition of a family company. The industrial activity of Parigi’s family begins in Milan in 1950, with the production of components for household appliances and for gas units. At the end of the 60s the activity moves to Monza and in 1975 Cesare Parigi patents Parinox®, the first flexible hose made of rubber and covered by stainless steel braiding suitable for connection between water network and any kind of taps.

This product makes the company very popular and enables it to quickly expand during the following decades. Thanks also to the growth in product offerings, the Parigi Group becomes an industry reference for professionals in the plumbing, heating and household appliance fields. In 2014 Parigi became part of the NEOPERL Group, a global company that offers innovative solutions for drinking water components used by the plumbing industry, including water and energy saving products worldwide.

NPI Italia S.r.l. | A Neoperl Company
Via Velleia, 19 - 20900 Monza (MB) Italy
Tel +39 039.204981
Part. Iva IT10804760154

Neoperl Italia Srl
Via Borgomanero, 84
28012 Cressa (NO) Italy
Tel +39 0322 863301
Part. Iva IT01604580033